Analyse stock market data in Excel chart

Free Excel stock market analysis tool

Download the stock market tool

Another great give-away for you to enjoy. This time we have created an Excel tool to help you download stock market data in Excel and analyse it using various technical indicators.

Stock chart with EMA SMA MACV indicators

Simply use the drop down box to select the company you want to view, and the tool will refresh with the latest stock market data and chart it with Japanese Candlesticks (showing Opening price, High price, Low price, Closing price).

The Excel chart also shows a number of technical indicators to help you perform some stock analysis:

  • 12 day EMA (exponential moving average)
  • 15 day SMA (simple moving average)
  • 21 day SMA
  • 200 day SMA
  • MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence)
  • Signal line
  • Histogram

System requirements

  • Windows operating system
  • Excel 2007+
  • Macros enabled
  • Internet connection (to download the stock market data)

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add in different stocks to analyse?

There is a worksheet called ‘Instruments’ which contains all of the stocks you can select in the dropdown list. Therefore if you want to add some additional stocks then you should add them into this sheet. In the first column you should put the name of the stock as you want it to appear in the dropdown. In the second column you should put the symbol which is used to look up stock prices. You can find this symbol using Often the symbol will include the exchange the stock is listed in – eg. BP.L where .L is the London Stock Exchange.


There are various investment strategies you can employ using these indicators but we do not recommend you invest money based on the use of this tool. As a free tool we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data and therefore you should only use this tool to practice reading charts. Once you are ready to invest then your broker will be able to give you industry standard data and analytics.


Download the stock market tool