Sales prospecting for small businesses using FREE CRM

Is this really a mini CRM tool (customer relationship management) for outbound sales and prospecting in Excel?

You bet and for FREE! This really is a great little tool for any small business.

If you have a list of customer prospects, you can use this Excel tool to organise your sales activities, making sure you always follow up on your appointments, and properly document all interactions.

Here’s how it works:

First import your customers / prospects from the Import sheet.

Import your customer prospects in Excel

This data will be imported as ‘Companies’ and ‘Locations’. You can have multiple locations for a company.

Then start contacting them using the Summary sheet to guide your activities. Make a call or email, and then record the activity using the fields on the right hand side. Once you’ve recorded the activity press Submit to save the activity against the company.

Manage your sales activities using an automated form.

Now you clicked submit, the activity is shown in the list of previous activities below:

Record your sales activities and review past activities.

You can search for customers…

Search for customers and prospects

The ‘Get Next Activity’ link will find the next activity which has a due date today or earlier. If there aren’t any overdue activities then it will return you a company who you haven’t contacted yet.

Clicking the ‘Options’ button will allow you to quickly select pre-defined values for fields…

Create lists of options to speed up and automate the filling in of forms.

A handy tool for any small company looking to semi-automate their sales or prospecting processes. Give it a try by downloading for free now, and please don’t forget to give your feedback in the comments section below 🙂

Learn more about Sales Prospecting

Here is a great article we found which sets out 6 key factors for successful sales prospecting. This free tool should help you achieve each of these factors but the tool itself is just an aid, you need to do the hard work 🙂