We love creating solutions to problems using Microsoft Excel.

Please download some of the great free tools created especially for you and leave a comment to let us know what you think.

If you're looking for an Excel macro developer to help you with a project or task, I'm here to help.

Excel Macros
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Excel Macros

I like to build tools in Microsoft Excel and make them available for you to download for free on this website. Enjoy 🙂

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Some of our favourite Excel tools

all free of course
Screenshot of the holiday tracker tool

Free Excel Staff Holiday Planner

Staff holiday and annual leave planner This was our first ever give away tool, a handy one for anyone who...

UK Holiday Entitlement Calculator

UK Holiday Entitlement Calculator

Some of our lovely customers who downloaded the staff holiday planner suggested that it would be really helpful to have...

Sales prospecting for small businesses using FREE CRM

Is this really a mini CRM tool (customer relationship management) for outbound sales and prospecting in Excel? You bet and...

Project Management GANTT chart in Excel

Project Management Template

At last, a project management template which is really easy to use and looks pretty. What it is, and who...

Dashboard showing information about your personal budget and finances

How to plan your personal finances using a budget

A simple and free Excel tool to manage your personal finances Do you ever wonder where all your money goes?...

Banksy Maid Sweeping Under The Carpet in Excel

Excel-Art – as if Excel spreadsheets weren’t beautiful enough already

We were reading a cool article over at Mashable which showed different artworks made in Microsoft Excel and it got us...

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