Password to unprotect Excel sheets, workbooks and VBA code

Do you want to customise these Excel tools further?

All of the excel tools available on are protected with a password to prevent users modifying them in such a way which may prevent the Macros from working correctly. 95% of the people who download these tools do not need to modify them.

However some people want to customise the tools further, sometimes to rebrand for their company or to add features which were not available in the free version.

To accommodate these requests I have decided to offer the opportunity to purchase the password to the tools. All the tools! Yes one password will unlock all tools on this site, including those I haven’t created yet!

This password will give you full control to modify the tools and macros in any way you see fit. Of course you edit these tools at your own risk and need to perform adequate testing.

The password costs £20 and will gain you access to all current and future tools on the site. I’m sure you agree this is outstanding value for the work put in to create these tools.

If you would like to purchase this then please click the button below.

Only £20